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Do you have a Favorite CC?

February 28th, 2009 at 05:40 pm

Okay, I am in the market for a great CC. I am really not interested in a new account, but my 0% offer on the FIA card ended last month and is now at 12.99% which is way too high. I asked at my credit union and their lowest rate on personal loans is 7% which I think is exorbitant considering the lending rate right now is around 0% for banks and credit unions and my current personal loan with them is at 6%. I was really disappointed. Anyway, I was just over at comparing transfer offers, but thought you all might have some great suggestions to help me narrow things down.

My credit is excellent. Although I have not pulled my scores for about a year they should continue to be in the 780-800 range. I was just thinking that if I could find a card with a nice transfer offer plus a great all-around card I would keep it as my one card after everything is paid off.

I'd love to take into consideration all of your suggestions if you have a card you think is pretty great, but I am leaning toward a "rewards" card of some type since I do not currently have one and if I'm going to keep it later on I'd rather use it to get rewards in return...preferably cash since I can't think of anything we would want all the time otherwise. But, again, I'd love to hear all opinions. Smile

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    I have a chase rewards master card that I really like. I get back a $50 check every month, but I do not carry a balance.

  2. momsents Says:

    DH and I bank at National City and both have individual cards (Diamond Edition, I think) which we use for day-to-day purchases. I don't typically carry a balance, so I don't know what the interest rates are. I do love their rewards program: 5 points for every 1 dollar spent. I am planning on funding Christmas this way this year. Good luck!

  3. asmom Says:

    For everyday use I like the Chase Freedom Visa also.

    For bank transfers, you might want to look at Citicards; they have a website that's easy to navigate and lots of 0% offers.

    Discover tends to have a cap on BT fees, I think they're worth a look.

  4. MariRDH Says:

    Thanks for all the ideas! My DH does not want us to open another CC account which is totally understandable. I am not sure either way just yet, but may talk to the CU and see if they could do better than 7% since we've done business with them for so long and been such good loan customers.

  5. fern Says:

    Well, since philosophically i have a big problem with the government giving our tax dollars to all the major banks as a bailout (how could we live without Citigroup?), I try not to give any of my business via checking/savings accounts or credit cards to any of the major banks, becus these were the ones, after all, who got greedy and went whole hog into lending to people they had no business lending to, etc.

    So....I have a USAA visa card (my dad served in the Korean War) and i do my banking with my local community bank. My mortgage is with a local mutual bank that also does not sell its mortgages on the secondary market. Myabe USAA was just as bad as the others, not sure on that score, but thought i'd put in my .02 about maybe it's time we all started thinking more about who we're rewarding with our business...the same folks who, IMO, created this recession. What's wrong, I ask, with your local credit union or bank?? They'll work harder for your money.

  6. MariRDH Says:

    That is an excellent point! I am so glad you brought it up and it really does make me re-think the situation. I don't think anyone on these blogs is pro-credit card, but I never really thought about it other than as a tool to use. I try not to give my hard-earned money to places I don't believe in otherwise, why am I considering continuing to give it to these horrible CC companies?!

    I think you've helped to make up my mind on this one. I've actually worked for this CU and had accounts there for over 10 years, including 1 car loan and 2 personal loans that were paid off over the years on good terms. They have always done right by me. I will be calling them on Monday to see what we can work out.

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