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Unexpected paycheck

March 2nd, 2009 at 12:50 am

I received a paycheck in the mail yesterday afternoon from the 1 day/week job that I no longer work at. Apparently my very last day was not accounted for on my previous paycheck from them and I never noticed. I was happy to have this extra money to deposit in the bank. I split it between EF and my personal loan that will be paid off with my FT paycheck on the 13th.

New EF balance: $5,822
Personal Loan: $230.10

Money to EF

February 20th, 2009 at 03:54 pm

I just got my last paycheck from the old 1 day/week job, and I put the dollar place and change from FT job so new EF Balance: $5,467. Smile

New PT job & CVSing

January 26th, 2009 at 01:59 am

I took the new job and will be starting in 3 weeks (gave the current PT job 3 weeks notice). The new job will be 6 or 7 hours/week compared to 4 or 5 at the old PT job. I can't say I am looking forward to working more hours, but I am happy that more money will be put into the EF each pay period! Smile

I am currently planning this week's CVS trip and there is turning out to be many more good deals than I first thought. Now that I have been collecting the coupons each week for the past few months, and buying a few of the big city paper each week (which has better coupons) I have access to more of the great bargains that come along which is nice.

Oh, and absolutely no change in my weight since I first posted. Frown I'm going to continue to eat better and try to exercise more. Hopefully I will see better results soon!

Offered another PT job

January 20th, 2009 at 01:40 am

Well, as I reported awhile back I have been working an extra part time job and putting all the cash toward our EF. It has been working out well for that purpose but I have unfortunately been unhappy with the actual office environment for quite a few reasons. I think I'll skip the specifics since you never know who is reading, but suffice it to say that I have been liking the paycheck but not the job.

I got a call from another office I have temp-ed at a few days in the past. They are looking for someone for the same day I am currently working at the PT job. It really seems like it would be a good move since I got along very well with the staff during the time I have worked there and it is very close to my house. I have a meeting with the dentist in a few days to discuss the job, so I am not getting my hopes up just yet. If it works out I'll probably be working more hours so building that $10,000 EF even faster! Smile

I got a raise!

January 16th, 2009 at 02:58 am

Oh, I am so happy! I didn't even have to ask. My boss gave everyone a raise for the new year. Smile Smile Smile WooHoo!!!!

I'm not sure yet, but will probably just allocate this as I would along with the rest of the paycheck. I don't think I have the patience to separate it out every week. It is not a large amount but anything in this financial climate is GREAT!

I am still putting all of my second job paychecks toward the EF, plus any rebates, etc., and it is coming along really well. I am definitely going to try to get it to $10,000 ASAP so I can use those monies for quicker debt re-payment.

***Happy Dancing***


August 28th, 2008 at 02:15 am

I saw this job and thought of you. I know it is not what you usually do (editing) but it might be close enough since the benefits sound incredible???

Full time employees are eligible for the following benefits:

* Health/Dental/Vision/Life insurance
* Disability (short and long term) options
* 401(k) Plan with Company match
* Flexible Spending Plan
* Transit/Parking Plan
* Gym membership reimbursement
* Paid vacation time
* Holidays, personal days, sick days
* Stock options

It made me wish I was qualified! Big Grin

They are looking for a copywriter (as well as some other positions). Check it out:

Text is and Link is

Health Insurance, the bane of my existence!

August 11th, 2008 at 02:18 am

I am not going to rehash all the trouble I have had the past 9 months with health insurance and my job. If you need a sleep aid feel free to browse my previous posts on the subject. However, I will say that all of this !@#$ with medical insurance is getting really old.

My boss calls me on July 30 (my day off) and tells me that as of July 1 my insurance premiums are going up $300 more each month (to $1,100/month) and asking what I want to do. Seems she has not paid said premiums for July yet even though it is July 30. Nice. Well gee willikers, boss I guess I gotta pay it for July and August at the very least since you are giving me so very much notice to research other options. *No sarcasm here*

I am seriously fit to be tied. Every single time I come up with a little extra money to put toward debt freedom I am thwarted. Absolutely no exaggeration. It is beyond ridiculous at this point.

Anyway, I have talked to an insurance broker and have gotten quotes. The only option that is less expensive is an HMO HSA for $600/month. It will cover only in-network doctors/hospitals with no out-of-network coverage. The family deductible is $5,000 with a max out-of-pocket of $10,000/year. Guess what my $5,000 Emergency Fund is going to be called come September 1st?! *sigh*

I am tired of barely treading water. Someone needs to sue the pants off all the insurance companies so we can get back all those "profits" we pay them only to have them deny coverage of every little thing. *GGRRRRR*

Okay, rant off. Anyone with insight into HSA's please feel free to opine. Thanks!

Life on the other side of the Dental Chair

July 17th, 2008 at 12:55 am

First day at the new 1-day-a-week office. Not great, but it's a paycheck that will go entirely to the debt.

It wasn't a terrible office, but it still made me appreciate my 3-day-a-week office even more than I already did. Little stuff like they only give out toothbrushes and no extras like floss, proxybrushes and endtuft brushes to patients who have special needs. They keep the toothbrushes at the front desk which makes me think I am not expected to teach home care to my patients. That's not cool. That is one of my most valuable and important skills.

The office seems "cheap" as far as supplies go also, which is also "not cool" since they were explaining that the doc does not want me to use a new mask for every, not gonna happen, sorry. That mask is to protect my health and the health of my patients and I definitely will not compromise on that stuff.

We'll see how long I last. I may jump ship if my specifications are not met, or they may fire me because I have specifications! Wink

Job offer out of nowhere

June 20th, 2008 at 06:08 pm

Yesterday was a very long day. I worked from 8:30am to 8pm, then I had a meeting to attend. I was at the meeting until about 9:15pm and proceeded home to finally eat a late dinner. Boy, was I hungry! Wink

On my way home my cell phone rings and it is my husband telling me that a dentist I interviewed with over 6 months ago called at 9pm and will be calling me back at 9:30pm. He really wants to talk to me.

I walk in the door and about 10 minutes later the phone rings. This DDS wants me to work for him one day each week from now on and will pay me $2/hr more than I am making at my full-time office. WooHoo! Smile

I obviously took him up on the offer, but I do have some mixed emotions about it. I am thrilled that I will have more money to put toward debt repayment on a regular basis, but I am also sad because it is summer and my daughter is out of school, and now I will be working even more hours. She and my husband have been having all this fun without I toil away, working my poor fingers to the bone. *sigh*

Okay, yes, I am totally being melodramatic, and the money will definitely come in handy! So overall a great outcome.

Extremely Upset about job

January 18th, 2008 at 02:57 am

Today was payday so I am adding $4.44 to my EF bringing the new EF total to $1,330.33.

In other news, I spoke to the boss about the medical insurance and she assured me that it will be in effect as expected. I also called the insurance company to check and all seems to be in place now. While this is great news, I am very upset right now because of another thing that was said in the same conversation with the boss. When I was hired, it was stated that they would pay 50% of my insurance for the family. Now they are saying they are going to pay 50% of just my portion and I will have to pay 100% of the family portion. Frown I don't even know how much it will be yet as the boss said the bill was not clear so she has to call and talk to them again. I won't find out until I am paid in 2 weeks and there is some mystery amount withheld from my paycheck!

I am really feeling like I have been taken advantage of which sucks because I actually like my job, my coworkers, etc, and I did not speak up today like I probably should have (okay definitely should have). The problem is that I was told "X" when interviewed and offered the position and now it seems that almost every detail has been changed!!! Of course, this is my first job in the field, I am just starting to feel comfortable with my job and I don't want to have to go through looking for another position so soon! I am not even telling my husband because he would completely flip out and want me to quit this job and find another. *sigh* I guess I am feeling like at least this is the devil I know. Plus I really just need to work so we can have a healthy EF and get out of debt, especially with all this talk of recession/depression.

Any insights?

Will we have Health Insurance next month?

January 7th, 2008 at 06:05 pm

That is the question I am trying not to stress about at the moment. Here is the story (in case anyone is actually reading this)...I graduated (May07), passed my board exams(Aug07) and my license to practice dental hygiene finally arrived (Oct07). I interviewed for about 5-6 dental offices before I found what I felt was the right place for me and started right after I received my license. I actually took a lower wage due to other benefits offered here. There were a few reasons I chose the office I currently work in but one of the biggest was that I was offered medical insurance for myself and my family with 50% paid by the doctor, and he would waive the 90 day waiting period.

So why am I worrying about medical insurance 3 months later you ask? Funny story (okay, not really) but turns out that the DDS did not have the authority to waive the 90 day wait. I found that out a few weeks into the job. Okay, I understand. It was an honest mistake and I feel her intentions were good. We'll just wait for January when the 90 day wait is complete.

Fast-forward to January 2. I call the insurance company to request another card for my DD (I like to have 2 for her so both I and my DH can have one on us at all times). The insurance company tells me that they cannot pull up my information because "the start date and the termination date of your policy are the same day". I try to delve into it a little more but they will not divulge any information to me - I will have to get the DDS to call them. Easier said than done as the DDS is busy trying to treat patients as well as run a business. Anyway, I spoke to the DDS and she is supposed to call the insurance company. Tells me she did not get around to it last week so will call and let me know this week.

Upon further thought, I realize that I am the only employee using the plan. Guess what? A small business health plan must have at least 2 employees!!! I have a real bad feeling about this. Hoping for the best of course, but my DH is planning for me having to look for another job. Frown

I Don't Wanna...

December 31st, 2007 at 06:54 am

work more hours...but I probably should. Frown

Right now I work 3 days/week with a 35 minute commute.
Mon 7:30-4:30
Tues 9:30-9:30
Thurs 9:30-9:30
plus 1 Saturday per month 9-4

Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are such long days, I really like having Wednesdays off. I have been kicking around the idea of picking up another job on Fridays but I originally put it off until I felt more settled into working in a "real" dental office. I am feeling fairly confident now in what is expected of me and have a pretty good "flow" with what I do at work now, so I guess it is finally time to really start looking for that Friday job.

Also, I have been budgeting the last 2 months with just the wages from the 3 day/week job so I should *hopefully* be able to save all the money from the Friday job toward our EF and my Roth account.

I will let you all know how the job search works out.

My rant on IRA contribution caps

December 27th, 2006 at 03:04 am

I already commented on

Text is this post and Link is
this post in Monkey Mama's blog but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Am I the only shmoe who has worked for small/family-owned type companies with absolutely no 401(k) plan - stuck with having to put away a measly $4,000 maximum a year toward retirement?

Does this seem wrong to anyone else out there? I am already penalized because I work for a small company, probably struggling to make a decent wage and on top of that, the government tells me that I can not save more than $4000/year in the only retirement vehicle available to me!!! This steams me.

I can *almost* understand making a cap on IRA contributions if you already have a 401(k), but to tell people whose only retirement account is a Roth IRA that they're gonna have to suck it up and live on those $4,000/yr contributions come retirement age, well what might be the incentive to work for a small business at all...unless you happen to own it (then you can open a SIMPLE IRA or a SEP IRA and save more). But, if you are the jackass working for him you are completely screwed.

...or am I missing something? ???