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Walgreens Free After Rebate stuff

February 12th, 2009 at 12:26 am

Thanks to BlueEyes' blog and all her talk about the rebate money she has been saving in her "Extra Income Fund", I decided to stop being so darn lazy and try my hand at the Walgreen FAR items this month. I think I did great!

Revlon concealer pen $7.49
Revlon lipgloss $9.99
Zucol cold relief $7.99
Thermacare heat wrap $2.49
Fructis shampoo $3.99
Total rebates I will receive back: $31.95

Total I actually spent thanks to manufacturer's coupons and a $5/25 Walgreen coupon my dad got in the mail: $19.95

Profit: $12.00

HOORAY!!! Big Grin

Edited to ask: Why isn't the hyperlink I made to BlueEyes blog working??? Frown

4 Responses to “Walgreens Free After Rebate stuff”

  1. my english castle Says:

    The Walgreen's stuff is particularly good this month.
    I'm also getting the contact solution for friends who use it.
    Hooray for you!

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I have some coupons I could send you if you are looking for more. What do you need?

  3. Blue Eyes Says:

    Great job! I like doing both Walgreen's and Rite Aid FAR offers.

  4. Aleta Says:

    I particularly like Walgreen's because it gives you the opportunity to try out a product. All of this stuff is free and it's great. I would have never tried it unless it had been free. I have a few favorites that I like now because of this. Thanks for reminding me of the solution because my son wears contact lens.

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