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Great CVSing 11/16/08

November 16th, 2008 at 10:38 pm

It was a very good CVS day today. I had an awesome, friendly cashier, Felicia, who was very happy that I got such good deals and did not hate me for using a billion coupons! *LOL*

I started with $18 ECBs and ended up spending $7.92 oop total for all that you see above!!!
I got:
(4) Coke 12-packs
(2) Coke 2 liters
(3) Buddy bars
(4) Glade glass scents
(8) Glade jar candles
(1) Clear Care twin pack
(1) Crest Pro Health
(1) L'oreal Pro Calcium
(1) Zantac-3
(6) packs of batteries totalling: (20)AA, (8)AAA, and (8)AA Rechargables

It makes me very happy to get so much for so little. I also came out with $43.50 in ECBs to spend on the awesome Black Friday deals that CVS plans on having this year. Looks like lots of free stuff in my future! Hooray!

3 Responses to “Great CVSing 11/16/08”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    You got some great deals! Way to go!

  2. Koppur Says:

    IMPRESSIVE!! I just started using ECB and I've was proud of myself for earning $8! LOL Youre a total inspiration for me!

  3. MarianneJ Says:

    You should check out - that is where I learned all my slick coupon moves. *LOL* There is a post over there under the Black Friday board showing how you can go from $0 ECB's to over $20 and only spend less than $5 out of pocket because there will be so many "free after ECB" items that will be moneymakers when you pair them with coupons.

    I never knew this couponing stuff was such an art form until a couple months ago!

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