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Possible alternative to HSA?

August 31st, 2008 at 03:38 am

As I have mentioned in the last month I am not happy with the insurance options that are available to me in NJ. I did set everything up to switch from an HMO to an HSA starting September 1, but my husband got some information in the mail today that may change everything (again).

My husband is currently a FT college student and we just received a pamphlet on the "student health insurance" that is offered through his school. We are able to buy additional coverage for all 3 of us, and it would cost WAY LESS than the HSA, actually saving us about 9 months worth of premiums, and have the same $5,000 deductible. Right there I am sold. There are other perks to going with the student health insurance as well, such as the fact that we would continue to be enrolled in the state FamilyCare program which we would have to drop if we had the HSA. So we would continue to have a "backup insurance" so to speak which makes me feel even better about the student health insurance option.

There are a few questions we have to ask about the student insurance before jumping into anything, but if they answer those adequately it looks like our financial picture will be a lot brighter than I expected in the next year. *whew*

Plus, I will no longer have to worry about my boss not paying the premiums on time, or complaining about how expensive the health insurance is even though the premiums come out of my paycheck!!! That alone will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and bring a big smile to my face. Smile

*Keeping my fingers perpetually crossed until I talk to the student insurance people on Tuesday*

3 Responses to “Possible alternative to HSA?”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    That sounds great. I hope that works out. Most of us in NJ are stuck with the crappy insurance choices.

  2. CDR Says:

    Move out of Jersey! Just don't go to New York. Combined, those are hands-down the two most expensive markets in the country for health insurance! (Our agency refuses to do business in either state because the rates are too dang high.)

  3. Amber Says:

    Hey how are you? Have not seen any post lately

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