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Frustrating shopping at Target

July 7th, 2008 at 02:40 am

Wow. My first time using a Target coupon. It made me never want to shop there again. I had a Target store coupon from a couple weeks ago that was $5 off 3 items from specific manufacturers, J&J, BandAid, Playtex, etc.

First trip to the register, I have 2 Johnson's detangling products and 2 Johnson's buddies products so that I can also use 2 printable coupons I found online. No go. "The bottles have to say the word baby on them" according to the cashier. Okay, no problem. I put those back and grab some that say baby on them.

Second trip to the register, I have 4 buddy soaps (to use the 2 printables), 2 baby shampoo and 1 baby powder (to use the $5/3). Cashier (different one) gives me the most evil look like I am trying to STEAL from them, looks in the bag where she has already put the items she rang for about 5 minutes then looks back at the coupons, then in the bag, etc. Sees the 2 shampoos and tells me the other products don't qualify. I show her the baby powder. She puts the $5/3 coupon through. People behind me are now giving me the same evil look as the cashier. Tells me I can't use the other 2 buddies coupons because the total will be zero and they can't have a zero transaction...if that even makes sense. I understand her to mean that the 4 buddies bars are only 94 cents each and they total less than the coupons. I ask if she can adjust the coupon down - no. I ask her if I can buy another bar so that the total is more than the coupons. Yes.

I pay for all the other stuff and walk away, look at the register tape and realize they overcharged me for the baby powder. I sent my husband over to CS to get my 35 cents back.

Third trip to the register, I go back to the original cashier who is at least nice to me. Buy 5 buddy bars using the 2 printables, and it takes her forever to figure out that the register is WRONG and that the products do indeed match the coupon. I pay and get the heck out of there.

Is it always this frustrating shopping with coupons at Target? Are the coupons always denied? That is what it seems like to me since each and every coupon was denied by the register and had to manually be accepted by the cashier. Frown

Anyway, after all of that I did make out pretty well:
(5) Buddies bar soaps - $0.94/ea
(2) Johnson baby shampoos - $2.79/ea
(1) Johnson baby powder - $2.09
(1) 5pk Kandoo refills - $8.99
Total - $21.36

(1) $5 off of 3
(2) $2 off of 2

PAID: $12.61

9 Responses to “Frustrating shopping at Target”

  1. Amber Says:

    I would have been annoyed as well. I have never used coupons at Target before

  2. littlemama Says:

    It's just not Target. Most cashiers are just ignorant about coupons and how they work.

    Did you know most of the time you can go to the store's website and print out their coupon policy? (I've resorted to pulling it out at the register before.) Big Grin Also you can ask for management.

    Oh, and I just act oblivious when I know I'm getting the stare down from the people behind me. Wink

    My DH says I should wear a shirt that reads "I have coupons - don't get behind me!" He says I could probably market them too. LOL!

    It's my money and I want it now! Smile

  3. momcents Says:

    Oh yes, I can empathize. I was at a local grocery store that had dog food (Alpo) on sale. I had buy 3 get 1 free, and I doubled it because I had two coupons. I also had $1.00 off the purchase of six. I paid full price for 6, should get two free, have $1 taken off. Right? The cashier wouldn't honor the $1 because the computer wouldn't take it. She accused me of trying to perpetrate coupon fraud. Thankfully there was a retired gentleman behind me who looked amsused - he suggested I take my coupons over to the other store who would honor them. I walked out without my dog food!

  4. Ellen Says:

    I had trouble at Target with coupons this weekend. Had a buy one get one free and $1.00 off for same product.Should have received $1.00 off the first item and the second one free. The Target cashier could just not comprehend how this could be fir real and refused the deal.

  5. scfr Says:

    I've not had problems with Target with using coupons. Sometimes the on-line coupons that I print out can't be picked up by the cashier's scanner, so they have to enter the amount manually, but I've never felt any "attitude" from the cashiers because of that.

    I do, however, have to watch the prices that are rung in like a hawk. This weeked I grocery shopped at Super Target, and 2 items rung in higher than the shelf tags. I told the cashier, and both times she took my word for it and entered the correct amount. Her attitude was great (very helpful), but I did have to stay on my toes. I watched each item as it was being rung up and told the cashier immediately, which may have helped keep the process simpler.

  6. sillyoleme Says:

    It sounds like you had quite a time of it. But I disagree with littlemama... if the cashier has been at the store, I'm sure they are fully aware of how coupons work. Keep in mind that every time a price is overridden or a coupon used when the register didn't accept it, management probably gets a print out (our chain does, and we're smaller than a Target). A cashier doesn't want to get in trouble by honoring a coupon for more than the total of the goods... or one that's no good at all. There are so many types out there these days, with such small print and specific product requirements, it's a wonder they let humans handle them at all anymore.

    I think cashiers have one of the least-gratifying jobs in the world. If they are nice, helpful, and let you do whatever you want (which they aren't always allowed to do), they probably won't even get a "thank you". But as soon as they try to enforce store policy (or what they know of it), they get a bad rap. Just my two cents I guess, I just hate seeing our cashiers get picked on so much. Smile

  7. sonicpanda Says:

    I'm really sorry to hear about your encounter with that cashier.

    I work for a Target store in California and our store wouldn't tolerate that persons behavior.

    Target's motto is "Fast, Fun, and Friendly." We try to make all aspects of your visit


    sillyoleme is right about the coupons being monitored. All transactions done at any register is

    recorded in an on-site computer server. The server has software that will notice "trends"

    performed by each cashier. Cashiers have the ability to reduce a price if it rings up incorrectly

    if the adjustment is no more than $1.75 or so. Anything higher than that, the cashier is supposed

    to switch on their top light. This flashing light summons a guest service team leader to their

    lane. The cashier is supposed to explain the situation to the GSTL and they in turn asks (over

    the walkies) if any team member is in the department that product is from and if that TM could do

    a price check. If the label is lower on the floor, we adjust the price during for that

    transaction and then we make sure the system is corrected so the next time that item is scanned

    it will ring up correctly.

    Sometimes cashiers are bound by the wording of a coupon such as "Limit one per transaction" or

    "limit one coupon per item per transaction" etc... The computer will usually accept the coupon

    in spite of the limit. That's the cashier's responsibility to read the fine print. This helps

    reduce store shortage. Target gets reimbursed for coupons redeemed as long as they are redeemed

    properly. A message on our monitor comes up letting us know that some coupons were designed to be

    used at other stores but as a cashier we have the ability to override that message and redeem the




    this coupon was issued to select guests via Target wesbite.


    Someone photoshopped the coupon. The removed the word toy and the matching toy image so it would

    read as "$5 off purchase of $25 or more." The person then emailed this fraudulent coupon to

    everyone and they in turn emailed to everyone and so on and so forth. Since it still said Limit

    one per transaction, I had guests coming to my checkout lane, handing me a sheet with 5 coupons

    on it, and demanding i figure out what items they have will make up as many separate $25

    transactions. FINALLY, someone realized what was going on and blew the whistle. The guests who

    originally received that coupon are being mailed a $5 gift card.

  8. MariRDH Says:

    I do not tolerate coupon fraud, and I completely understand why stores have to be vigilant. It is such a shame that the many honest people are the ones who are hurt by the few thieves, isn't it? Frown
    I am glad to hear that your store has a friendly demeanor to it. It is when I lived in CA that I first fell in love with Target, and there were none here in my area of NJ until about 5 years ago or so.

    I have worked retail and I know it can be unappreciated and tedious work. I hope my Target holds some staff training so that their cashiers are more coupon I think they would be if they were more knowledgeable.

  9. sonicpanda Says:

    I agree entirely. In my retail work experience, I find that the more an employee actually cares for their job the better shopping experience they provide. High school kids that only work over the summer or people who work because they are bored tend to not have the best attitudes.

    I'm glad you love Target.

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