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Filed Taxes & Another Rebate Received

February 6th, 2008 at 06:19 pm

I lost my patience waiting for the college to send me the amount I paid in tuition/fees in 2007 - Actually they sent it and it was BLANK! I called and they said they can send me something else showing the amounts, but I just can't wait another day. I went online and multiplied the number of credits I took by the amount they charge per credit and used that for the taxes. It ended up having absolutely no effect on the taxes since even without it we were getting everything back plus the EIC since we were so "poor" this year. I should be posting a full EF in just a few weeks!!! Big Grin

I still have not made a decision about the rest of the refund money. We shall see.

I am adding $7.99 to the EF today for the last Free-bate from my contact lens solution which I received yesterday. I am over 1/3 of the way to my $5,000 goal now. Smile

New EF Balance: $1,701.67

3 Responses to “Filed Taxes & Another Rebate Received”

  1. CanadianSaver Says:

    That's great, Marianne!

    Are you going to stick with $5,000 for your CF or go for a higher amount?

  2. MariRDH Says:

    Well, Ruby, I am pondering that now. Right now I net about $3k/month, but if an emergency occurred where we would need the EF, I would be able to cut WAY down from that...I figure we could live on maybe $1k-$1,500/month, so the $5k EF would last 3-5 months. Dental Hygienists are very much in demand in my area so I should not have trouble finding a job, the state pays short-term disability up to 90 days and I have a private long-term disability insurance policy (which will pay $2,850/month) after 90 days of disability.

    I think I'm gonna leave it at $5,000 for now while I try to pay down our debt. Once we really become serious about saving for a house I'll definitely start to build a larger EF as we will need more money to cover mortgage and repairs, etc in the event of an emergency.

  3. CanadianSaver Says:

    I think mine is too high too for now, since I still have $3,600 or so to pay off. I have $8,300 in my CF... and for me that'd last a long time since I have no rent/mortgage.

    You've given me something to ponder too!!

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