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Saved $26 today at Eckerds

September 15th, 2006 at 11:13 am

A few items I bought today at Eckerds with my 50% off coupon with the price I paid (and saved!):

Digital thermometer: $4.50
Eckerd Sleeping Meds(Unisom): $3.50
Eckerd brand Lactaid: $3.20
Eckerd Zinc Lozenges(ColdEeze): $2.50
Facial wipes: $1.50

I saved $24 just with the Eckerd 50% off coupon - WooHoo!!! Smile

By the way, there are flyers next to the front door at the store with these coupons, so you can still take advantage of the sales even if you did not get the Sunday paper!

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