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Starting to worry

December 22nd, 2006 at 05:55 pm

I am officially starting to worry about how we are going to pay for the bills that come due in Feb/March. My life insurance is due (which is approximately $700) and I also have to pay $850 for my hygiene licensure exams. Frown Basically, I am only worried because the exam fees are an extra that I have not been saving for over the past months (unlike the life insurance which is in my spending plan). I just don't know where I am going to find the extra money as things are pretty tight already. I do know that one way or another I will find the money even if I have to borrow from a realative (which is an absolute last resort).

We shall see.

5 Responses to “Starting to worry”

  1. sarah Says:

    What about a student loan?

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    In a pinch there is nothing wrong with a loan from family. Best of luck and Happy Holidays!Smile

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    Since you are a student, you probably have a week or two where you won't be in any classes, right? Why not check out retail outlets, like Walmart or Dollar General to see if they need any seasonal help? Also, check with temporary services to see if they need any seasonal help or just someone to work for a little while. Good luck to you.

  4. jersey jen Says:

    hey there, thanks for stopping by my !

    what i have done before is put living expenses on low-interest (below 5%) credit card (and pay minimum on statement) and save the cash for unforeseen events (like exam fee in this case). this is also recommended by Suze Orman to cover shortfalls. hang in there!

  5. mariannej Says:

    Thanks for the advice, guys! Smile
    I do have student loans but they will not be disbursed until mid-late March, so I may end up borrowing from my mom and sister and then repaying them when I get the loan check. I just hate to borrow from my family because it can turn into such a mess.

    I may be able to get a part-time job this semester as it is a little bit lighter than this past semester that was the semester from hell. Wink I am so glad that I am almost done!!!

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