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Making a personal website

August 17th, 2006 at 08:41 pm

Ugh. If anything seems like a never-ending task it is this monster called my website. I figured I'd start a page that had all my favorite websites in one spot, and maybe it would be able to help someone. No big deal. Just a little something. Well, that turned into something completely different because I really want it to look "nice" and for people to find it helpful. So I added a second page with just Dental Hygiene information, again, hoping that it would help people.

On another note, I had no idea how difficult it can be to actually get someone to visit! I figured, "Hey! If I've got a website I might as well join AdSense and make some money!" As if. In my quest to get visitors I added my site to some manual traffic pages, and promptly had my hand slapped by Google. I guess next time I join a program I should probably read all the rules instead of just skimming! Oops. Bad me. So, now I am trying to decide whether I want to just get rid of Adsense so I can generate some traffic to my site, or keep Adsense and try to actually get traffic the hard way!

I am really trying to stop being obsessed with the silly website because I really need to start studying and getting ready for the new semester which starts in exactly 11 days. Eeek!

The real problem is that I am somewhat of a perfectionist in small, silly areas of my life...and for some unknown reason I seem to have chosen this crazy website as one of those items. I feel like I need a nice tight "white coat" supplied by the super nice doctors at the nearest asylum.

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