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We're rich!

February 20th, 2007 at 05:24 pm

...well, we were for a few days before I used up the $3k tax refund paying bills and other obligations I have been putting off for just this time of the year. Big Grin

So, where did our mini-windfall go? Here are the major things:
- Synagogue Dues
- Hebrew School Tuition for DD
- Trip to Long Island (2 nights in hotel plus gas and gift) for niece's Bat Mitzvah
- Overdue wedding gift for my cousin who got married last year
- Licensing Exam Fees for Dental Hygiene License (this one will pay for itself when I get that super-awesome job in a few months!!!) Smile
- Baby shower gift plus gas to travel 3 hours for best friend from college's first baby
- a couple small bills
- 10% to savings
- possibly payoff our smallest CC balance ($650)??? I haven't decided if this is a good idea or not since it is still used for auto-pay of my cell phone each month. Frown

Thanks to the EIC or we would not have gotten anywhere near this much back - we only paid in a few hundred last year to the feds. I am looking forward to the big paycheck and tiny little refund next year!!! Big Grin

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